Management of Risk

Management of Risk®

In-person or virtual Classroom

Almost every decision taken within an organization has an upside and a downside and involves some degree of risk. Management of risk (M_O_R)® considers risk from different perspectives within an organization: strategic, programme, project and operational.

The key features of Management of Risk® include:

  • Best practice guidelines and techniques for risk analysis and management. How to embed these practices and adapt them to changing circumstances
  • A framework of best practice principles and concepts drawn from the latest experiences and proven practice in risk management;
  • How to do an M_O_R®  health check which determines the risk management maturity within an organization.
  • Compatibility with ISO 31000;


Individuals and organizations attending the course will:

  • Have a better base for strategy development
  • Have a great confidence in decision making
  • Have greater competitive advantage
  • Have improved prospects for change
  • Have reduced waste and fraud, ultimately achieving value for money
  • Have an improved management of contingent and maintenance activities.