PMP Examination Preparatory

PMP Examination Preparatory

The course enables candidates to develop professionally, increase their project management skills, apply a formalized and standards-based approach to project management.


Creating a high-performing team
Involves assembling and effectively managing the project team and any additional stakeholders.

Starting the project
Includes planning all aspects of a project including budget, schedule, scope, quality, project activities, procurement, and closure.

Doing the work
Involves executing the project by robust risk management, delivering business value, managing communications, project changes, project issues, engage stakeholders and, ensuring knowledge transfer for project continuity.

Keeping the team on track
Entails demonstrating the type of leadership that facilitates collaboration among the team and stakeholders, manages conflict, removes obstacles, and supports the team’s performance.

Keeping business in mind
Involves employing a continuous process improvement plan that will ensure that the project’s success can be consistently repeated within your organization.




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