PRINCE2 Agile ®

PRINCE2 Agile ®



PRINCE2 is the most commonly used project management approach in the world today and is increasingly being used in conjuction with the Agile practices. As more and more organisations adopt and embed Agile, the need for specific guidance on how to use PRINCE2 in the context of Agile has become important. PRINCE2Agile describes how to configure and tune PRINCE2 so that it can be used in the most effective way when combining it with Agile behaviours, concepts, frameworks and techniques.

The PRINCE2Agile methodology addresses agile guidance tailoring, techniques and, areas or particular focus for PRINCE2Agile

  • Overviews of PRINCE2 and agile in general.
  • The fundamentals concepts that PRINCE2Agile is built upon.
  • Understanding the project context and flexing what is delivered.
  • Detailed information of how PRINCE2Agile tailors the PRINCE2 principles, themes, processes, products and roles.
  • What considerations need to be made when using agile, and what specific behaviours and techniques should be applied at any particular point.
  • Detailed guidance on specific areas that need to have prominence due to the nature of the agile way of working, along with discussion of specific techniques that can support this.