Refund Policy

Refund Policy

In case where the delegate set to attend training resigns, the company should inform in
writing of when the employee left and the reason for leaving.

a. Innolead Academy will verify this information with the employer for the delegate

b. Upon confirmation, the Academy will with immediate effect, commence replacing
the delegate and advise the client.

Cancellations or postponement of Training

a. Cancellations or postponement must be made in writing 7 working days or more
before the starting date of the event, or the participant/s will be liable for 50% of the
registration fee.

b. Registered delegates may be placed/ registered at any time prior to the training
course provided the total registration fee has been paid.

c. In the event of unforeseen circumstances Innolead Academy reserves the right to
change the lecturers, venue or date. Delegates will be notified no later than 5
working days prior to an event.

Refund Process

a. Once the relevant cancellation documents have been received, the option to attend
the next course at no additional costs will first be offered to the company or

b. If the offer is declined, Innolead academy will reimburse the company or individual
for the relevant amount as per the cancellation policy.